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HEY THERE, I'm Matt Knight and this is where I'm going to make random posts about my projects and hopefully I do this more than twice per year (above zero is actually my target).

So first off, you imaginary group of people reading this blog, I'll tell you a bit about myself. I graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT from here on out) a year ago with a bachelors in electrical engineering. Despite that, I actually have a software development postition at Avigilon, which makes some pretty cool security systems. Most of the work I do there has to do with Linux, and computer vision.

Another thing about me is that I generally have a ton of project ideas and not enough time to do them all. Most notably right now, is that I'm SUPER into applying modern, C++ 17 to bare metal systems, something I'm relatively new to, but I anticipate that I'll be writing about it a lot. Another thing I hope to do by writing is to develop how I communicate all this technical information, as I tend to intake a bunch of info, but not output or discuss much of it.

Other projects you might hear about in the future is an autonomous sailing robot, a scoliosis brace wear-time monitoring platform (that's a mouthful), and maybe even an FPGA based composite video driver.

OH and I also want to play around with distilling and creating spirits, especially gin – so we'll see if I get around to trying that out too!

Anyways, see you next time?